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Meal Prep

Sit back & relax!

Sweets and Soirées is your go-to resource for convenient meal planning!  With a wide range of delicious options, we're here to make meal prep a breeze.

Say goodbye to the stress of figuring out what to cook each day.  We have dishes to satisfy various dietary preferences and restrictions as well.  Whether you're vegan or vegetarian, we can help!  There are also customizable plans - you can choose individual meals or family style dishes to accommodate multiple people.

Take the first step towards a more organized and less stressful lifestyle.  We can help you save time, eat better and be less stressed.

You can choose to have meals packaged individually or for a family

Enjoy delicious food anytime that you wish. Skip the cooking! There is no need for preparation, cooking, or cleanup. Just heat and consume!

Stoocked Buffet

I worked with Reagan before to provide cakes and cupcakes for other family events. I knew she would be my dessert go to person for my wedding. She listened to all of my ideas and were able to bring them to life. She provided a cake topper, variety of cupcakes, and cheesecake truffles. Everything looked beautiful and tasted great. She was even able to pick up the Krispy Kreme doughnuts that I had to have on my dessert table.

- Jamelle

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