It’s that time again! Historic Kinloch Open House!

Please join us as we participate in the Fall Historic Kinloch Open House. It will take place Sunday, November 7 from 1 to 3 PM.

We will be there bearing treats as well as beautiful ideas for your wedding or event.

Go to this link for additional information:

See you there ;-).

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We love Sweet Sixteen Cakes!

Of course we love girly things! And what’s more girly than a Sweet Sixteen cake?! And these girls seem to love the topsy-turvy look!

Meet Chante’, our most recent birthday girl! She celebrated her birthday yesterday with family and friends and her Mom, Leslie, says:

“The cake was so beautiful..its was exactly what I imagined and it was Tay’s dream cake!! Everyone in the family was so blown away and the restaurant staff were in awe!!”

And here is the beautiful

birthday girl and her cake!

And a side view of the bow and

topsy-turvyness of it all, lol:

Thanks Leslie and Tay, I know there are good things to come for you both!

And here’s another pretty birthday girl, also with a topsy turvy cake! She celebrated back in November. I was a little nervous about this one as there were many elements to take into account, but it turned out well I’d say! And my client was very pleased:

“Thank you. The cake was a hit! It was adorable, and we had plenty. My husband didn’t even realize it was a cake. Good job! My daughter was completely surprised, and she even cried! It was exactly what we wanted!”

Thanks Mrs. Burns for the kind words and also the great pictures:

Keep ’em coming!

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Come visit Sweets & Soirées!

On February 21, 2010, we will be displaying our services at the Greater Virginia Bridal Show in Charlottesville, VA.  Brides, you can come out and plan your whole wedding there!

Click this link for more information:

We hope to see you there!

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All New Bakery Menu Coming Soon!

This year we will be introducing a whole new bakery menu from Sweets and Soirées!

Included will be new desserts, new flavors, more options…you name it, we got it!

Our original gourmet creations did so well last year that we want to bring you more!

Keep your eyes open…coming soon ;-).

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Babies love Sweets and Soirées too, lol ;-)

Bryce (10.21.09)

Bryce is enjoying one of our mini cupcakes, which are perfect baby size by the way!  His flavor of choice was a combination of lemon cake and yummy raspberry frosting, mmmm.  It was reported to me that he smashed then ate, great technique Bryce!

Notice how he’s trying to open wide enough to get the whole cupcake in his mouth, hahah.  Too stinking cute for words!  Thanks to his grandmother Laura Miller for providing this fun photo.

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Newest Flavor Sensation!

Just this weekend, I tried a new flavor for an open house.  It was a HUGE hit!  So I’m adding it to our list of gourmet flavors alongside the Banana Pudding Cake and our version of the Strawberry Shortcake. 

It was aptly named by a friend, it is called "Chocolate Amaretto Crunch"!   Sounds yummy right?!  Here’s what it contains – our already deliciously moist chocolate cake, two layers of amaretto mousse (almond), a layer of chocolate ganache with toffee bits all covered in our creamy vanilla buttercream.  I  know you say this combination sounds a bit complicated but believe me, the flavors are great together.  Who doesn’t looove chocolate and nuts together?.  Reminds you a bit of a Hershey’s Almond Bar or a Symphony Bar, anyone remember those?

Do you have a favorite candy or other dessert that you’d like to see made into a cake?  I’m always working on new recipes and combinations.  Drop me a note if  you have any ideas!

Keep your eyes open for new gourmet flavors as well as our special holiday menu, coming SOON!!

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