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Event Design, Management and Consultation

Are your services affordable?
In one word, YES!  Sweets and Soirées is structured so that you can choose predetermined package or you can create your own package of services to best address your event needs.  So basically, we can do one thing at your event or we can pretty much do it all.  It’s up to you!  Also, we are always running specials that you can take advantage of for additional savings.  And your initial consultation for any service is always FREE!

What types of events do you work with?
Sweets and Soirées can assist you with any Social, Corporate or Fundraising event.

Why do I even need an event planner?
It’s very simple, time is at a minimum these days!  Leave your event in the hands of an expert and you’ll save time, aggravation and money.

What if I don’t need consultation services?
That’s fine!  Pick any of our varied services to relieve stress in the planning and execution of your event.

How many planners do you work with?
Sweets and Soirées has a network of individuals that it works with.  Any additional planners or consultants necessary for the smooth execution of your event will be contracted by the company at no additional cost to you.

Do you only work with certain vendors?
No!  Our job is to research vendors who can fulfill the needs of your event.  If that vendor happens to be one that we’ve worked with before, all the better!  But rest assured that whether it is a preferred vendor or one that you’ve just heard about, we will research all aspects of their business and services prior to recommending them to you.  We do not maintain any type of standing agreements with any vendors.

Flowers and Decór

What types of flowers do you work with?
We work with silk as well as fresh florals to create bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements for your event, home, or office.

Do you offer set up service for the day of my event?
Yes, in some cases, this service may incur an additional fee.  If you have contracted three or more services with Sweets and Soirées, this service will be included in the cost of your package.

Can I show you a picture of the arrangements or bouquets I’d like?
Yes, please bring anything that gives you inspiration to our planning session.  I will use the photos that you have along with your vision as well as my creative nature to create an arrangement that will be beautiful.

If you have not worked at the event site(s) previously , would you be willing to visit the site(s) before the event?
Of course!  We always do site walk-throughs no matter what service you will be contracting with us.  This is an integral part of providing you with the best possible service.

Do you offer and floral/decór services for businesses?

Yes we do!  Please contact us about our Office Flower and Decór Service.

Cakes and Desserts

How long have you been baking?
I have been baking for the last 13 years!  I am a baker first, that means that your cake will be tasty and also beautiful.

Do you offer private tastings or open house tastings?
At this time, we offer private tastings for wedding and large special occasion cakes.  You choose 3 flavors of cake that you would like to taste and we bring the experience to you!  In the very near future, Sweets and Soirées will begin offering open house tastings as well.

How do you price your cakes?
Wedding and large special occasion cakes are priced by the serving.  Smaller cakes and gourmet creations are priced at a flat fee according to size.

Are your cakes made from scratch or a mix?
All of our creations are made from scratch!  From the batter to the icing!

Will you work with my florist or event planner to place fresh flowers on my cake?
We sure will!  We like to place the flowers on the cake but we are glad to work with your florist or planner to determine the design of the cake and the amount of flowers necessary.

Do you offer delivery?
Yes, all large, tiered cakes will be delivered and the cost will be discussed at the time of booking.