Newest Flavor Sensation!

Just this weekend, I tried a new flavor for an open house.  It was a HUGE hit!  So I’m adding it to our list of gourmet flavors alongside the Banana Pudding Cake and our version of the Strawberry Shortcake. 

It was aptly named by a friend, it is called "Chocolate Amaretto Crunch"!   Sounds yummy right?!  Here’s what it contains – our already deliciously moist chocolate cake, two layers of amaretto mousse (almond), a layer of chocolate ganache with toffee bits all covered in our creamy vanilla buttercream.  I  know you say this combination sounds a bit complicated but believe me, the flavors are great together.  Who doesn’t looove chocolate and nuts together?.  Reminds you a bit of a Hershey’s Almond Bar or a Symphony Bar, anyone remember those?

Do you have a favorite candy or other dessert that you’d like to see made into a cake?  I’m always working on new recipes and combinations.  Drop me a note if  you have any ideas!

Keep your eyes open for new gourmet flavors as well as our special holiday menu, coming SOON!!

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1 Dory { 11.10.09 at 8:51 pm }

I think Oreo’s would make an outstanding cake. Of course, I would suggest that you use some kind of almond in it. Then it will be like the cake you just described. Hmm… What about an eggnog cake for the holidays?

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