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Happy birthday Kadae!

Something for a cute little baby that I love to pieces!

Kadae's first birthday cake!

Wish I’d had time to put a crown on it for the little princess.  But Kadae, Mommy and Daddy loved it all the same!

Here’s the birthday girl ;-)!

Kadae and Mommy!

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First bridal show under our belt…WHEW!

Through all of the initial nerves and serious preparation, we made it through our first bridal show with no hiccups!

And it was actually fun as well.  I had the opportunity to meet so many cheery brides as well as other wonderful vendors.

We hope to do another show soon, possibly in the Richmond area.

My idea was to play off of the colors in our website and stationery.  This was the result…















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Okay soooo…this whole blog thing is new for me…

Sooo, I know you’re anxiously awaiting more photos from the bridal show.  I’m still trying to figure out this whole "blogging thing", hahaha.  As soon as I can figure it out I’ll get everything posted.

In the meantime, here’s a tip of the day!

A large part of your wedding budget is allocated to flowers and decór.  Once your guests arrive at the wedding, this is the first thing that they’ll see, so you better make it good!

Tip 1: Once you choose colors, try to start making other decór decisions as well.  This helps your budget in two different ways.

First, it may allow you to save money on the actual blooms.  The earlier your florist can lock in their pricing for the flowers, the better it is for your pocket.  Secondly, the earlier you decide and choose a vendor, the more time you have to actually pay for this service.  It gives you time to spread out payments which is another plus!

Tip 2: Think outside of the box!  Flowers aren’t the end all be all!  Find a designer who isn’t afraid to incorporate non-floral items into your bouquets and arrangements.  Items such as feathers, jewelry, stones, candles, fruits, vegetables, greenery, etc.

This will make your arrangements stand out and could also save you some $$!

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Meet us at the 8th Annual Fredericksburg Bridal Show!

This Sunday, June 7th, we will be displaying our work at the Fredericksburg Bridal Show.

We hope to meet lots of brides and new vendors.

Look for pictures later this week!

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